Savanur Market Summary

State: Karnataka
District: Haveri
Costliest Commodity: Groundnut - Gejje
at 7569.00 INR/Quintal on 2022-10-03
Cheapest Commodity: Groundnut - Gejje
at 2839.00 INR/Quintal on 2022-10-06
Latest Price Date: 2022-10-06

Latest prices of Groundnut and Cotton in Savanur

Latest and updated prices for various commodities in Savanur market located in SECRETARY APMC SAVANUR, in Haveri district and in the state of Karnataka

Price Updated at: Thu Oct 06 12:30:13 UTC 2022

Cotton market price in Savanur

Commodity Variety Arrival Date Min Price Max Price Modal Price
Cotton GCH 2022-09-24 8511.00 INR/Quintal 8511.00 INR/Quintal 8511.00 INR/Quintal

Groundnut market price in Savanur

Commodity Variety Arrival Date Min Price Max Price Modal Price
Groundnut Gejje 2022-10-06 2839.00 INR/Quintal 7239.00 INR/Quintal 5429.00 INR/Quintal
Groundnut Gejje 2022-10-03 3231.00 INR/Quintal 7569.00 INR/Quintal 5583.00 INR/Quintal
Groundnut Gejje 2022-09-29 2239.00 INR/Quintal 7423.00 INR/Quintal 5493.00 INR/Quintal
Groundnut Gejje 2022-09-28 5489.00 INR/Quintal 5889.00 INR/Quintal 5764.00 INR/Quintal
Groundnut Gejje 2022-09-27 3789.00 INR/Quintal 6389.00 INR/Quintal 5711.00 INR/Quintal

Price trends of various commodities in Savanur market

Daily average price trends for Cotton in Savanur

Daily average price trends for Groundnut in Savanur

Savanur Market Information

Nearest Railway Station: Savanur
Distance of the nearest railway station from the market: 10 Kms
Name of the Nearest National /State Highway: 8 KM NH-4


Bank: No
Sieves: No
Canteen: Yes
Fencing: Yes
Parking: Yes
Toilets: No
Restaurant: No
Electricity: Yes
Post Office: No
Drinking Water: Yes
Extension Unit: No
Internal Roads: Yes
Auction Platform: Yes
Information Unit: Yes
Audio Visual Side: No
Fire Extinguishers: No
Input/Sundry Shops: Yes
Mechanical Graders: No
Sweeping Facilities: No
Public Address System: 0
Market Office Building: Yes
Rest house for farmers: Yes
Garbage Disposal System: No
Information Notice Board: Yes
Number of Ripening chambers: 0
Storage facilities available: Yes
Capacity of Ripening chambers: 0
Grading and Analysing Laboratory: No
Price display on the Notice Board: Yes
Name of Welfare Scheme for producers: RAITH SANJIVINI
Producers able to read the information displayed on the Notice board: Yes

Market Area Information

Capacity of Cold Storages: 0
Nearest place in the Hinterland: TEGGIHALLI
Farthest place in the Hinterland: ICCHANGI
Notified area of Market Committee: 23 acrs and 13 guntas
Number of Cold Storages available: 0
Subyard (If any) and It's exact location: 1)YALAVIGI 14.28 area 2)KADAKOL
Number of Commodities notified under regulation: 113
Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area: 7 units
Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season: 75%
Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent: GUJRAT, BANAGALORE, HAMILNADU,MAHARASTRA.
Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period: 75%

Admin Information

market_hours: 10 Am to 5.30 PM
market_holidays: Sunday
Name of Chairman: *****
Name of Secretary: *****
Year of Regulation: 1957
Address of Chairman: AT:savanur Tq:SAVANUR DIST:HAVERI
Address of Secretary: APMC YARD SAVANUR
Phone No. of Chairman: *****
Regulated/Unregulated: Unregulated
Phone No. of Secretary: *****
Supervisory(Permanent): 1
Supervisory(Temporary): 0
Administrative(Permanent): 1
Administrative(Temporary): 0
Name of Officer-in-Charge: *****
Address of Officer-in-Charge: APMCYARD SAVANUR
Name of Owner and Management: ADMINISTATER,
Phone No. of Officer-in-Charge: *****
Mode of selection of APMC (Elected/Superseded/Nominated): Elected
Market working hours: 10 Am to 5.30 PM
Market holidays: Sunday

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the commodities available in Savanur market?

The commodities that are available in are SavanurCotton, Groundnut etc.